Live Well Acupuncture

& Integrative Medicine

Live Well Acupuncture, based in Traverse City, Michigan is led by licensed and board certified Acupuncturist, Sarah Searles, L.Ac., MSOM.

Our Goal is to help you live your best life! We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to healing and lifelong health. Our integrative approach can change lives.
Live Pain Free.
Live WELL!



The most effective approach to health is designing a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. Using a variety of methods we will decide what serves you best.

Ready to begin feeling like your best self?

Diana E.

I feel a sense of calm that I did not know before my experience with Sarah’s acupuncture treatments. Her methods have eliminated the pain in my neck and back as well as the numbness in my hands/feet/lips, which are symptoms of severe anxiety. I couldn’t be happier about her work and how I feel!

Jamie M.

Sarah is a competent diagnostician and zeroed in on the issues efficiently. In both cases she quickly designed and executed a Plan of Care for me. The experience is always pleasant and I consider her a wonderful resource.

Roger G.

When almost nothing was helping me with an intense leg pain, I found relief with an acupuncture treatment from Sarah. I ultimately invested in an entire treatment course of 9 more sessions. I would do it all again, if needed!

Julie H.

Sarah listens to you and your symptoms and puts together a customized plan to address your needs. She really works with you individually to get the best outcomes.